Marketing 2023 AMEN Conference

We can use your help to get the word out about the conference.  Of course, everyone is welcome but we’d especially like you to invite healthcare professionals and pastors.

AMEN has a wonderful promo video (below) that is about 8 minutes.  However, we’ve created shorter 2- and 4-minute versions as options for churches to play since many don’t have time to show the full video during Sabbath School or Church.  We encourage you to ask your church if they would be willing to play one of these videos and invite people to attend.   We also have a sample church bulletin announcement you could place in your church bulletin.

You can download the 2023 Conference Promo videos from Vimeo:

If you would like a stack of 4×4 conference reminder cards to hand out to friends and colleagues, please email and we will be happy to mail them to you.  Please send your address and the quantity you would like.  Thank you!