2nd Quarter 2020

Five Carbs Not to Avoid

Carbs are not all bad. Here are five of the healthiest carbohydrates that you need in your diet.

Alcohol Beverages are Unsafe in Any Amount

A little wine for the stomach’s sake? Not so. The results of the largest study of alcoholic drinks ever conducted anywhere in the world may surprise you.

Health Benefits of Berries

Dark colored berries are loaded with unique chemical compounds that reduce the risk of cancer and coronary heart disease. Are you in the high berry diet group?


Citrus powerfully prevents cancers and heart attacks?? Citrus?

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Surviving early stage cancer depends on the choices you make. What is best for you?

The Dark, Devilish, “D” factor of Mind and Character

Nine mental blows of the Devil. They all point to a dark core of character.

Diet Cancer and Nutritional Labeling

Follow the “Nutri-Score” on the label and prevent cancer. A European advance in food labeling.

Nutritional Psychology

Depression yields to diet. Don’t let what you eat get you down.

Avoiding Dementia

Can you outrun dementia? Cardiovascular fitness preserves your mind.

Evolution is in Trouble

More than 1000 scientists now doubt the feasibility of Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting supercharges your immune system. A surge in good health occurs after a fast.

Fiber for Ailing Hearts

Fiber prevents your first heart attack. Fiber also prevents your second heart attack if you didn’t get the message the first time.

Food Choices to Fight Coronary Heart Disease

Make these diet changes and die of something else rather than a heart attack.

Dangers of Skipping Breakfast

A hearty breakfast helps prevent obesity and cuts your risk of developing diabetes and experiencing a heart attack. Eat up and save your life.

1st Quarter 2020

Air Pollution

Air pollution looks the same everywhere, but it is a multi-component soup that varies widely in composition from city to city. Some parts are worse for your health than others.


Secondhand alcohol exposure affects 53 million U.S citizens adversely. Threats, vandalism, strained finances, accidents, and damaged family relationships are all secondary alcohol effects.

Chili Peppers Affect the Brain

Can you believe that eating hot peppers results in poor memory? Science confirms Spirit of Prophecy warnings.


Flavonoid-rich foods reduce the risk of dying from cancer and heart attacks. Here is the proof.

Health and Environmental
Impacts of Food

Foods that are the best for your health have the least adverse impact on the environment.


Here are eight deadly diseases that do not kill anymore thanks to vaccines.

Learning Brain Functions

Learning activities later in life turn back the clock and keep your brain young.


There are plastic particles in your food, plastic in what you drink drink, and plastic in the air you breathe.

Millennial Health

We are getting sicker. The youth of today are less healthy than the youth of yesterday.

Nuts and Obesity

Nuts are high in fat but paradoxically will not make you fat.


Regularly sleeping less than 6 hours a night greatly increases your risk of a heart attack and stroke.


Today, 25% of daily calories come from snacks and not regular food. Here, have a chip!

Vitamin D

The more Vitamin D you take the weaker your bones become.