Adventist Medical Evangelism Network was formed by a group of physicians and dentists who felt a burden to revive medical evangelism and make it an integral part of their profession. Naren James, MD (AMEN President 2005–2008) describes the convictions that led him to become a founding member of AMEN:

For about five years I had been going through a paradigm shift as I restudied the gospels. I found myself awed by Jesus’ ministry and felt convicted that I needed to emulate it in my personal and professional life. One morning during my personal devotions I was impressed that I should share my experience with other physicians and create a network to encourage one another to unite ministry with medicine. I firmly believe that physicians and dentists can make an incredible impact around the world if we truly begin to make medical evangelism the focus of our practices.

AMEN really began when a handful of physicians and dentists organized a lunch meeting at the 2004 ASI convention which explored the subject of medical evangelism. The event proved such a success that the group decided to meet again in February 2005 to discuss the formation of a non-profit organization that would train and equip physicians and dentists to be effective medical evangelists. Pastor Mark Finley agreed to present a series of messages relating to this issue. The Dalton, GA home of John Chung, MD was originally planned as the venue for the meeting, but when the number of responses to invitations swelled to nearly fifty,the event was moved to nearby Cohutta Springs Ranch. At the convocation’s close, the inspired, challenged attendees unanimously decided to formally organize the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network.
The Lord’s blessing on AMEN is being manifested in the following tangible ways:

  • AMEN will hold its nineteenth annual conference this year in Indian Wells, CA – record attendance is anticipated.
  • AMEN members continue to be involved in overseas mission work in places like Greece, Romania, Ukraine, and others
  • Our journal, The Medical Evangelist continues to provide practical, potent reports of medical evangelism from the field.
  • AMEN’s international influence is growing. AMEN International chapters are being started around the world in Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Uganda, Brazil and many more!

Despite its growth and development, AMEN remains dedicated to its original goals – to inspire, equip, and motivate health professionals to become effective medical evangelists at home, in the clinic, and in the community.