2023—In His Presence

  • Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa – Indian Wells, California
  • Thursday October 26 – Sunday October 29, 2023

2023 AMEN Exhibitor Information

Although exhibits are not a major focus of the AMEN conference, we encourage ministry-minded organizations to have a booth. The AMEN program committee attempts to provide ample time and exposure to make it advantageous for you.

Exhibitor Approval

Exhibitor space is limited and the AMEN board of directors determines final approval of all exhibit submissions. If, for any reason, your booth is not approved, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee.

Exhibit Location

The exhibits will be in the foyer leading to the general session and seminars.  Since there are only 20 exhibitors, booth numbers will not be assigned.  Your exhibit location will be identified by your name on the table.

Exhibit Schedule

AMEN does not host a large exhibit hall.  However, we very much value our exhibitors and hope it is a wonderful experience for each of you.

Exhibit Setup: Begins at 1 PM Thursday October 26.  Exhibit Teardown: Booths should be cleared out by 11 AM on Sunday October 29.

Exhibits Open:

Thursday: 9-10 PM

Friday : 12-1 PM + 9-10 PM*

Sabbath: 3-5 PM* + 9-10 PM

We ask that exhibits are NOT open during meeting times, especially the main plenary sessions!  Noise carries into the main auditorium from the foyer and is distracting to people so we ask for your help by closing your exhibit while meetings are taking place.  Mealtimes are not ‘official’ exhibit time but you are welcome to have your booth open during meals if you so choose.


The exhibitor fee is $765/exhibit.   Included in the fee is 1 full registration (including meal package).  AMEN members receive $100 off and there is an early bird discount of $50 if you register by October 2, 2023.

NOTE: The 50% off discount for pastors does NOT apply to exhibitor fees.  Pastor exhibitors pay the same as any other exhibitor.

Exhibit Space

Each exhibitor will have approximately 8-10 feet of space, a 6’ covered table and a chair. There is no curtain backdrop or piping separating the spaces. Please be considerate of the exhibitor next to you.  If you need more space another table can be added for an additional $225.

Please note: nothing can be posted on, taped, nailed, screwed or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors or other parts of the building or furniture.


Access to electricity is available if requested.  We will do our best to honor all requests.


If you are shipping exhibit items to the hotel, please label as follows and send them to:

Hold for Arrival – ATTN: Exhibitor Name, AMEN
Number of Boxes (Example: Box 1 of 2)

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa
44-600 Indian Wells Lane
Indian Wells, CA 92210

Hyatt’s current package handling/delivering fees are $10.00 per box per movement, $25.00 per case per movement and $100.00 per pallet per movement. Note: These charges are in addition to any freight company fees.

*Sabbath Exhibits

AMEN’s mission is to restore Christ’s ministry of healing to the world.  As Seventh-day Adventists we believe Sabbath is a day of worship and rest.  We also believe Christ wants us to work for, and glorify Him on the Sabbath.  Therefore we ask exhibitors who choose to be at their booths on Sabbath to view it as a time to forward the work of The Lord of the Sabbath.   Please refrain from any commercial activity during Sabbath hours.  Thank you!


The hotel and/or AMEN are not responsible for the safety of your equipment, materials, etc. at your booth. Therefore please decide what you are comfortable leaving out and what you need to take back to your room and lock up at night or during other times you may not be at your exhibit. We certainly do not anticipate any problems but want to remind you that safety is your responsibility.

If you have questions please email: conference@amensda.org.