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2016 AMEN Conference

Radical Practice: Healing in the Eleventh Hour

2016 10 27 17 00

Do you have a passion for medical evangelism? Do you wish you knew how to share Christ with your patients? Then the AMEN conference is for you! You will be inspired by spiritual presentations, blessed by personal testimonies and enjoy wonderful food & fellowship with other medical/dental professionals. 

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Equipping physicians and dentists to be effective medical evangelists.

Jesus—Minister, Doctor, or Medical Evangelist?

Jesus’ ministry involved the restoration of the body as well as the reclaiming of the heart. When He sent His disciples out to do ministry, He instructed them carry on this approach by preaching and healing. Matthew 10:7,8. One was not to be done without the other. We believe that this model of ministry is still the most effective way to spread the gospel!