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Adventist Medical Evangelism Network’s mission is: To motivate, train, and equip Seventh-day Adventist physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals to team with pastors and members, uniting the church to restore Christ’s ministry of healing to the world, hastening His return.  We believe to successfully fulfill this mission, it is imperative that we partner with international chapters that can work locally.  We are so excited to see God’s hand at work and chapters popping up all around the world.  AMEN is truly becoming an international organization.  AMEN – USA is here to support these chapters and we encourage you read reports of what they are doing and where possible get involved with them as well. If you would like information on how to get an AMEN chapter started in your country, contact our Membership Director at


Adventist Medical Evangelism Student Association

Student Leadership


2023 AMEN Conference
‘A New Heart & A New Spirit’
Wahroonga, Sydney


AAHP Association of Adventist Health Professionals


ENAD Network of Adventist Health Professionals



Ikatan Dokter Advent Jakarta



Phone/WhatsApp #: +62 812 1228 6012

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Adventist Medical Mission Malaysia


AMEN Philippines

Facebook Group

2023 Conference: 
Davao City, July 13-16

South America

AMEN South America