AMEN Exists to:

  • Inspire healthcare professionals to share Christ.
  • Connect healthcare professionals through it’s annual conference and mentorship program.
  • Provide Christ-centered medical evangelism resources.
  • Unite with local congregations by sponsoring free outreach clinics.

This is AMEN.

“If you want to be inspired and challenged to do more for the Lord with your life and career, I encourage you to join AMEN and to get involved!”

– Dr. John Shin, MD – AMEN President

We invite you to join AMEN and experience spiritual fellowship with like-minded colleagues and discover new insights into sharing Christ in your practice.

You are AMEN!

Join a movement of like-minded medical professionals who are committed to restoring the body and reclaiming the heart.

Gain access to resources that will encourage and equip you to meet the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of your patients. Our online resource tab is a great starting point.

Enjoy discounts for the annual AMEN conference. Here, medical professionals gather to inspire, refresh and challenge one other to reflect Christ’s healing touch. Membership also includes subscription to the Medical Evangelist. This biannual journal shares frontline health ministry stories and inspirational messages.

Belong to an organization that’s making the world a better place. AMEN Free Clinics provide medical and dental services in underserved communities both locally and internationally. Our goal is to empower churches and medical professionals to provide compassionate care where it’s needed the most.

Do more than just say AMEN, be part of the movement!

How to become an AMEN member

If your heart’s desire is to

  • Balance the call to your work with the needs of your family…
  • Use your clinical skills to hasten Christ’s advent…
  • Feel better equipped to share the gospel with your patients…
  • Work more effectively with your local church in evangelism…

Then AMEN is for you!