Nature’s Immune Builders: Introduction

AMEN is committed to using health as the ‘entering wedge’ to share the gospel. The COVID-19 pandemic provides us with an opportunity to do this. Therefore AMEN has created ‘Nature’s Immune Builders’ which includes resources for you to personally share with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Our desire is relationships will be strengthened as you share these life saving principles and ultimately open the door for you to share the love of Christ.

Our world is in crisis. COVID-19 has unearthed humanity’s vulnerability to a virulent new disease that begins its work by disarming the body’s natural immune defense. Public health efforts aim to reduce transmission through vaccination, social distancing, hygiene, and mask-wearing. Medical science research is focused primarily on developing treatments for late-phase disease.

What’s missing? A comprehensive strategy to enhance the body’s innate and acquired immune response. The Adventist health message has never been more relevant than now. To meet this urgent need AMEN has developed Nature’s Immune Builders, a web-based plan to quickly and efficiently transform our churches into lifesaving beacons of hope, health, and healing, and to equip every member to be a medical missionary for such a time as this. Anchored in Scripture, informed by science, and illuminated by the writings of Ellen White, Nature’s Immune Builders incorporates heaven’s natural remedies into a shareable action plan for churches now.

A comprehensive natural remedies and healthy lifestyle plan to equip Seventh-day Adventists to bring light and blessing to their communities.


To mobilize Seventh-day Adventists to effectively share Biblically-based, scientifically sound, health-saving principles that can help their neighbors, friends, and communities fight COVID-19. We believe the pandemic provides us with an opportunity to use medical evangelism as the ‘entering wedge’, ultimately opening the door to engage people in spiritual conversations and introduce them to the true healer – Jesus Christ.


Many people are sick and in need of the lifesaving message of health committed to the Seventh-day Adventist church. God calls every member to become a medical missionary during a world health crisis. Soon there will be no work done along ministerial lines but medical missionary work.
Read the principles of health found in the Bible.
Memorize Bible promises about answered prayer and healing.
Read Ministry of Healing.
Familiarize yourself with Nature’s Immune Builders website. Watch the videos.
Apply the principles of health in your own life; correct wrong habits. Clear the way for God to work.
For God to use you to reach someone today.

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AMEN’s scientifically sound, evidence-based, practical resources can be used by church members to have a major impact on their communities. It is urgent for us to be the lights in our community to dispel the darkness of disease by sharing these simple, effective health principles.

Mark Finley, DDiv

Assistant to the President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

We have inspired counsel that the intelligent use of nature’s elements produce favorable outcomes. God has given us intelligence, and He desires us to make the most of His health-giving blessings. We ask that God will give bread to the hungry; we are then to act as His helping hand in relieving hunger. We are to use every blessing God has placed within our reach for the deliverance of those in danger. Natural means, used in accordance with God’s will, bring about supernatural results.
(Paraphrased BC 938.7-.8)
Zeno Charles-Marcel MD

Associate Director, General Conference Adventist Health Ministries

Sickness is debilitating to the mind as well as to the body. When we are sick it’s much easier to get discouraged and depressed. One of the tragic things about COVID-19 is the isolation it has brought to those who are suffering. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke recount the story of a hopeless, desperate, disease-plagued woman who reaches out and touches the hem of Christ’s garment. Her story contains great spiritual lessons for us as we seek to share Christ’s healing love.



Sharing Tips

There are two ways to share: online or in person. These methods can be adapted for either approach.

This isn’t so much about preparing what you will say as learning to ask effective, engaging questions. The response you get will help you determine what resource would be best to share. It’s easy to engage people from all walks of life in conversation: Your hairdresser, grocery checkout clerk, plumber, neighbor, friend, your online friend community, fellow church members, city and county officials, community leaders, business owners, school teachers, and parents, strangers. If you feel uncomfortable starting a conversation with a stranger, start with someone you know.
Many of your friends and neighbors will welcome the simple resources for healing that are contained in this resource. How will they learn about it? From you! Here are some ways you can share these lifesaving principles.


Be sure you understand what they said.
So what I hear you saying is . . . (repeat back what you think you heard). Is that what you mean?
I feel that way sometimes, too.
I am concerned about that, too.
That must be really hard.
Short, relatable testimony
I was sick . . .
Had family member sick . . .
Tried a natural remedy (specify) and it helped.
Watched a video about natural remedy (specify).
Can I send you a link?
Here’s a list of Nature’s Immune Builders.
Can I pray for/with you?
Here is a text/promise that has been an encouragement to me.
Would you like to come to our church for (specify worship service, community health class, meal)?
Would you like to learn what the Bible says about health/prophecy/the times in which we live?
Sample Questions

•What do you think about the COVID-19 crisis?
•What do you think is going to happen?
•How has the COVID-19 crisis affected you? Your family?
•Have you been sick?
•Is your family well?
•What are your biggest concerns/needs?
•Do you have a faith background?
•Is anyone helping you?
•Do you have a church family?