AMEN 2020 Virtual Conference Marketing Materials

Want to invite your friends, colleagues and patients to attend the upcoming AMEN Virtual Conference?  This year we will have a special part aired on 3ABN specifically for patients, church members and the general 3ABN audience.  We’re excited to be conducting medical evangelism as part of the conference!  See below for marketing materials and postcards to give your patients.  Hard copies of the patient postcard can be requested by contacting


We encourage you to ask your church if they will put this announcement in the bulletin…

AMEN Virtual Conference: Does your heartbeat with a desire to share Christ?  Do you wish you felt more comfortable and knew how to share Christ effectively with your patients?  The AMEN Conference is for you!

If you desire to have a deeper relationship with Christ so that you can be even more effective in leading your patients to reach out in faith to the Christ that you love so deeply, be sure to attend the 2020 AMEN Conference, “Touch of Faith” brought to you virtually October 29 – November 1, 2020.   

Speakers include:  Pastors Ted Wilson, Mark Finley, & Kameron DeVasher; Dentists Carlos Moretta and Milan Moskala; Physicians Zeno Charles-Marcel, Roger Seheult, Andi Hunsaker, Brian Schwartz, and many others.   

All physicians, dentists, healthcare professionals, and pastors are encouraged to attend.  There will also be a special session for medical & dental students on Friday evening.  

You won’t want to miss this life changing event!  For more information go to