Theme: Touch Of Faith

Like the enfeebled woman 2000 years ago who had spent all of her living on physicians in seeking treatment without success, there are many sin-sick souls today who are longing to come in contact with the living Christ, the Great Physician. When Christ is living within us as health care professionals, we can offer the healing that our patients are truly seeking.

Do you want your patients to connect with the power of Christ, so that they will reach out to him with the touch of faith like the woman with the issue of blood? We want our patients to say within their hearts, “If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.” Matthew 9:21.

In Desire of Ages, p. 343 we read, “As He was passing, she reached forward, and succeeded in barely touching the border of His garment. But in that moment she knew that she was healed. In that one touch was concentrated the faith of her life, and instantly her pain and feebleness gave place to the vigor of perfect health.”

Our goal for this meeting is to encourage our patients to come in contact with the living Christ and reach out to him in faith, even if physical healing in this life is not always possible.  May Christ dwell within us so that the concentrated faith of our patients will be vitalized to reach out and touch the hem of Christ’s garment.

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