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Boise Idaho Clinic

Boise Idaho Clinic

AMEN and CDI, is planning a large scale dental, medical and vision clinic at the Expo Idaho Fairgrounds in Boise, Idaho on April 18th-20th .  We are expecting a large turnout. Your donation . . . will be used 100% toward the expenses of this clinic.  MORE INFO »


2016 Conference Offering

Since I believe in the mission of AMEN and am dedicated to personally participating in the medical ministry of Jesus, I am making the following sacrificial commitment to be used exclusively . . . to fulfill the mission and vision of AMEN.  MORE INFO »


Where It Is Needed Most

We consider the funds we receive through you as God’s property, so we intend to be faithful to Him and to your intent in their use. Jesus, the Great Physician, discouraged waste (John . . . 6:12,13), and AMEN seeks to follow His counsel by keeping our overhead and administrative expenses at minimum levels. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about how your donation will be used!  MORE INFO »


Free Clinics

We need physicians, dentists, dental assistants, nurses, and other medical and non-medical volunteers to make our clinics a success. If you are able to donate your time and would like to . . . help out with one of our free clinics that would be greatly appreciated. But if you are not able to be there in person you can still contribute towards covering the cost of medical and dental supplies. A little here can go a long way in impacting those who can’t afford the medical and dental care they need. Thank you for your contributions!  MORE INFO »


Impact Your Health Eugene Free Clinic

Join Eugene, Oregon area churches and volunteers from around the US as we work together to touch the lives of those in need. Dental, medical, and vision services will be provided at the Lane . . . Event Center Performance Hall location. We are expecting a large turnout. Your donation will be used 100% toward the expenses of this clinic.  MORE INFO »



We have found that even though big clinics are nice, smaller clinics are often better. Because of the relationship building they encourage and because they can be held more consistently. And . . . now any church, no matter how small, can have a clinic. Help us help you put on a free clinic that takes the guesswork and the trial and error out of coordinating and managing a free clinic event. So you can concentrate on what’s important—the people.
Each Clinic-in-a-Box costs $80,000 to build but only $5,000 for a church to rent.
Dental equipment $50,000
Vision equipment $20,000
Medical equipment $2,000
Trailer (16′ box) $8,000


Fulfill My Pledge

Thanks for pledging to support AMEN. Your generous gift will continue our mission to share God’s love through medical ministry. We consider your gift to be God’s property, and intend to be . . . faithful in its use. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.  MORE INFO »


Empopong’i Church

The Maasai are a group of one million people living in Kenya and northern Tanzania. Many of the Maasai identify themselves as Christians, but still suffer in darkness. They practice polygamy . . . and female circumcision. Sometimes childhood brides are forced to marry abusive, alcoholic men. Many of the Maasai practice the common ritual of drinking blood mixed with milk.
Maasailand has a small Adventist presence, but virtually no church structures. They worship in school classrooms or under shade trees. This has hindered the work, causing some members to become discouraged and leave. It’s difficult to share the gospel without having a central meeting place.
Thankfully, God is using a small Adventist group in the village of Empopong’i to build a church. The project is spearheaded by a local man named Moses Ogalloh and the pastor of this church, Kevin Lemushen Kipteng.
Building the Church
Prices have dramatically inflated in Kenya since this project began. More financial support is needed to finish the church. It is already drawing believers back to the fold and will have a tremendous impact once completed.
Please prayerfully consider donating to share the gospel with the people of Maasailand.
For more information, please contact Vicki Nakabayashi at: or (530) 823-0502


Philippines Continued Relief Effort

AMEN is organizing a team of volunteers for a follow-up trip to the Philippines from May 9-19, 2014. We will provide medical care, construction work, a children’s program, and continued . . . spiritual care to the coastal town of Dulag.
Last November, just two weeks after Typhoon Haiyan hit, AMEN mobilized a medical relief team that served in Dulag for one week- treating 2,000 patients, hosting impromptu VBS and church services, and providing encouragement to typhoon survivors. We were able to hire two Filipino Bible workers who are now giving Bible studies to many people in this community. We’re excited to return to continue sharing Jesus’ love with this special coastal town.


Reach Nepal

We are a movement committed to empowering and reaching Nepal’s most underserved communities with the hope and healing of Jesus.
We equip local church leaders to effectively reach their . . . communities with the love of Jesus because we believe that Jesus is the only hope for mankind!
We empower indigenous followers of Jesus to meet the physical needs of their neighbors because we believe that Christ’s Church must be a voice for justice and hope in the world. The Church must do more than talk — it must act on behalf of the most vulnerable!
We develop media resources such as websites, video programs, and audio books, because we believe that in this age of technology we must use these avenues to more effectively reach the people.
We conduct community health clinics and expos because we believe that Christ came that all may have life and have it more abundantly!
This is who we are. What we do. Why we do it.
Will you join us in reaching Nepal for Christ?
The Reach Nepal Team



AMEN and New Reality International (NRI), together with Adventist Help and ASI Europe, is planning a large scale dental, medical and vision clinic at the Oinofyta Refugee camp in northern . . . Greece, November 6-13, 2016.  We are expecting a large turnout. Your donation will be used 100% toward the expenses of this clinic.  MORE INFO »