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Is Cancer Preventable?

Cancer is a disease that doesn’t care what successes you may have, how wonderful of a family you might enjoy, or what future plans you are chasing, it is an intruder, and can quickly cut short a thriving life, or take away a cherished loved one.

Despite medical breakthroughs and tremendous research, cancer incidents are on the rise. According to the World Health Organization, cancer causes nearly 10 million deaths each year worldwide, which is nearly 1 out of every 6 deaths. 

While many factors are beyond our control, there are crucial lifestyle choices that can empower us and lower our chances of cancer by incredible proportions.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Mental Health

 Start now by taking at least one step in the right direction, and let it fuel your strength for the journey ahead.

Josianne Bailey-Abesamis, MD
Internal Medicine

Scientific Information
John Shin, MD