By Drs. Bob and Andi Hunsaker
Anesthesiologist & Radiologist, Boston Massachusetts

AMEN members Drs. Andi & Bob Hunsaker decided to turn the ‘coronavirus scare’ into an opportunity to witness to their neighbors. Without missing a beat, they took the materials that AMEN was working on (before we even had them designed and ready!) and created a handout with a personal message and distributed them to their neighbors.

Andi says, “Our ultimate goal is to gain Bible studies with our neighbors. My approach was to exclude any religion at this point to get them on board with plant-based cooking classes at our home when this pandemic is all done. At that time, we will give them the option of Bible studies.”

Hunsakers chose to use health evangelism as the entering wedge to reach their neighbors who may not be interested if traditional evangelism methods were broached first.

Within a day of distributing these, Andi already received two responses and they were both thrilled, although a bit shocked, that she reached out in this way.

Witnessing in our immediate sphere of influence is often the most difficult but we believe God is calling us to step out of our comfort zone and trust that He will take the seeds that we plant and nurture them as they grow.

To see the letter Hunsaker’s wrote and the handout AMEN created, click here.