By Harvey Hahn, MD
Cardiologist, Kettering Ohio

Romans 1:16For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

While on the inpatient cardiology consult service, I was asked to consult on a lady who had been in a drunken altercation with her daughter.  Both were arrested for assaulting each other. Per the chart, this was a recurrent issue and the police had been to her house multiple times. When I walked into the room there was a police officer sitting there looking at his phone (they have to watch arrested patients in the hospital).

As I talked with the patient she told me about how tough things had been with her daughter, how she didn’t think she could support her anymore.  The daughter drinks daily and has physically assaulted them numerous times. She couldn’t believe that she was also arrested this time.  It was a really sad situation and she was seriously dejected by it. I offered to pray not only for her but also for her daughter. She accepted. We had a short prayer asking for healing, support, and for her daughter to get her life turned around.

As I turned to leave, the police officer literally jumped out of his chair and hurried to catch up to me. I thought he was looking at his phone the whole time.  This happens a lot and what typically happens is the police officer will rush out to tell me what ‘really happened’ and contradict what the patient had said so I was waiting for that. But he surprised me!  He said, “I have NEVER seen any medical person – period – ever integrate their faith with their work.  He told me how much he appreciated it and that it helped reinforce his own faith.

When I was talking and praying with the patient I never even considered the police officer, but it had an impact on him.
You never know who is watching or listening. You may be focused on a certain person you are trying to witness to, but be aware of the others in your environment.  You never know who you are really sharing Christ with or who really needs Him that day.