Nature’s Immune Builders: Who We Are

This website is hosted by Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN).

AMEN is a non-profit organization of Seventh-day Adventist healthcare professionals that exists to encourage sharing God’s love and biblical concepts of health with our patients, colleagues, friends and neighbors.

We believe that God has created us to live healthfully and the Bible offers numerous health principles that can help fight disease.  The Nature’s Immune Builders project shares those principles with you as they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

AMEN members believe that human beings were created by a loving God to experience life at its best. Optimum health is achieved when we care for the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For this reason we encourage you to explore the spiritual dimension of life more deeply by studying the Search for Certainty Bible Guides written by Pastor Mark Finley, our AMEN advisor. The Search for Certainty Bible Guides will answer your deepest questions directly from the ancient scriptures. Click here to enroll in this free online Bible study series.

Our ultimate desire is that these health principles will save lives – from COVID-19 – but even more importantly, that your heart will be touched by the Savior and He will transform your life and you will live for all eternity.   

If you desire to listen to Pastor Finley’s life changing, faith building presentations, we invite you to visit his YouTube channel – HopeLives365.

If you would like to learn more about the Seventh-day Adventist church, or have questions, please feel free to contact us at

We pray for God’s abundant blessings on you and your family as you navigate these challenging times.  


Nature’s Immune Builders: Task Force

Brian Schwartz, MD

AMEN President 

Chief of Cardiology, Kettering Health Network 

Dayton, Ohio

Roger Seheult, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine 

Loma Linda University School of Medicine & 

University of California, Riverside School of Medicine

Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD

Associate Health Ministries Director

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists World Headquarters

David Otis,DDS

General Dentist – Owner Otis Family Dentistry 

Collegedale TN

Brad Emde, OD

AMEN Treasurer 

Optometrist –

President/Owner East View Eye Care 

Greenville, TN

Additional Contributors:

  • Patti Guthrie, MPH
  • Todd Chobotar
  • Denise Putt

Project Director & Producer: 

Rebecca Barnhurst, RD

AMEN Program Director – Email:

Videographer and Video Director: 

Shane Smith – Scene Alive


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Christine Betz – Betz Design Studio

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