Helpful Resources 

Many of our patients will feel scared and anxious and will be seeking comfort and assurance during this time of crisis.  We want to provide each of you with insight in 4 main areas to help your patients face the future with confidence.

  1. Health
  2. Emotional & Spiritual Well-being
  3. Financial Stress
  4. Dealing with Grief 

Additional Resources & Links:

Here are some sites that will help you improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health.
COVID-19 Discussion on 3ABN – A panel of medical and biblical experts address both
the medical and spiritual aspects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. What can
we do, and how can we help those who are gripped with fear? Don’t miss this
informative and hope-filled program with Danny Shelton and Dan Houghton featuring
Pastor Mark Finley, Dr. Neil Nedley and others.


Hope Lives 365,
• “Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19,” General Conference Adventist Health

Newstart – COVID-19: Boost Your Immune System with NEWSTART
NEWSTART presents methods for staving off Covid-19 and supporting one another in strengthening our immune systems. We are praying that our experience here can benefit you as well, as you are at home taking care of yourselves and your loved ones.
AudioVerse: Coronavirus and Our Christian Witness
What better time is there for our Christian witness to demonstrate to the world that Jesus lives in our hearts?
AudioVerse PlayList:
Keep up with the latest information on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic with AudioVerse’s playlist.  You will find spiritual strength as well as scientific insights on how to meet this challenge and how to help others.

Wes Youngberg on COVID-19 – AudioVerse

“The Best Coronavirus Prevention” with Doug Batchelor and Dr. Neil Nedley

Farm Stew: 10 Free Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself From Infectious Diseases
Life & Health Network: COVID-19 and Why We Need All The Rules
As COVID-19 spreads throughout the world, you may be asking why social distancing? Why the 6 foot rule? Why the directive to not expose or share food in public?  Dr. Harvey Hahn provides some explanations.

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 47: Searching for Immunity Boosters & Possible Lessons From Spanish Flu