Suzie LaTour DDS, MA

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Medical Ministry Bio

I believe the best way to minister to people is to follow Jesus’ example. Scripture shows us that Jesus did not just preach the gospel to people but he showed them how much he loved and cared for them, intentionally spent quality time with them, ministered to their needs, healed the sick, and gained their trust. After He had met their needs, then He would ask them to follow Him. I think as health care providers we have the same opportunity to address our patients’ needs, show them we deeply care for them, gain their confidence, and invite them to meet the ultimate Healer Jesus.

In orthodontics, I work mostly with kids and teens, and this has opened up so many opportunities to form long lasting personal relationships with them. Through these relationships, I have learned that there is so much joy and meaning to work when we seek to share Christ with others. Sharing Christ to others can simply be listening to a kid talk about their school, inviting a coworker to church, taking the time to thank a staff worker, or praying with a patient’s mom who has been having a rough week. My daily prayer is for God to show me how I can reflect His character to not only my patients but my coworkers and anyone I come into contact with.

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