Mark Sandoval MD

Emergency Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine

Medical Ministry Bio

Born and raised in the Seventh-day Adventist church, I always had an interest in healthcare, but I was also interested in being a pastor. So, I decided to be a doctor that preaches. After a crisis and conversion when I was 30, I began to take up that work. Our family’s life and lifestyle changed. We went to the mission field (Trinidad & Tobago) for 2 1/2 years and served there. And while we were there, I gained a passion for health evangelism and health outreach. Subsequently, we moved to Uchee Pines Institute to learn how to use lifestyle and natural remedies in the treatment of disease. It was while at Uchee Pines that I really learned how to care for the spiritual needs of my patients and begin to lead them to a life in Christ. I regularly have the experience of leading someone to Christ and to freedom from the bondage they are in, and I would not change this experience for anything. I pray with every patient, use the gospel as the basis of their treatment, and have time to spend with them to deal with their personal issues. And I love teaching others about doing the same. At Uchee Pines, I teach the Biblical Counseling class, where we learn how to address the spiritual needs of the patients.

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