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Fall 2013

We often look at the phrase, “the faith of Jesus” as Jesus’ faith in God. Though this is true, there is another way to look at this phrase, a way that can have important implications for our outreach as physicians and dentists. Look at this quote from Ellen White:“Each word, each action, is a work for God. Here is faith in God, and faith in men. . . . Christ would never have given His life for the human race if He had not faith in the souls for whom He died. He knew that a large number would respond to the love He had expressed for humanity. It is not every heart that responds, but every heart may, and can if it will, respond to that love that is without parallel. ‘My sheep hear my voice,’ Christ said. A heart yearning for God will recognize the voice of God. God cannot respond to one soul that does not respond to His grace offered, His love bestowed. He is waiting for a response from souls…” {LHU 221.4} Likewise in our practice, if we will learn Christ’s methods of reaching the lost, then by understanding the principle of having faith in our patients, we might find real power for motivating change in them. Jesus treated His disciples as though they were converted long before they were. He called Judas a friend, even though He knew that Judas would betray Him. Jesus forgave Peter and looked on him with love and compassion, even though Peter had denied Him with cursing and swearing. Jesus demonstrated the principle of treating people “as though” even before they were. He saw what they could be by His grace, and so He treated them as though they had already arrived. If we can help our patients see what they can be, they actually have a better chance of attaining it. I have begun to treat my smoking patients as though they have already quit. I no longer tell them that they need to quit; I instead talk to them about what their new life will be like now that they have quit. I explain that God has already given them the victory over smoking, and that with His help they will stay successful. Many patients have actually stopped then and there and remain free of tobacco at their next follow up. It doesn’t matter what the issue, If we can help our patients see a bigger picture of what they can be, many will rise to that higher standard. Two weekends ago I was talking to a gentleman who stated that, as a kid, he hated math. He flunked math each time. Then in high School he had a math teacher who truly inspired him and showed him how to do math. He went on to get a higher education degree in Mathematics, all because of that teacher. So, too, may we have the opportunity to inspire our fellowman to rise up and be what God has envisioned them to be: Children of the King. “God looked upon humanity, not as vile and worthless; He looked upon it in Christ, saw it as it might become through redeeming love.” (COL 118).  This too is what it means to have “the faith of Jesus.”  CONTINUE READING EDITORIAL »