God’s Call, My Work

A New Seminar Track for Students, Trainees, and Young Professionals
Hyatt Resort – Indian Wells, California
October 25-28, 2018

Many young Seventh-day Adventists long to make a lasting impact for God’s kingdom through medical and dental ministry. Yet there exists a need in this generation to explore how Christianity functions through our everyday practice, beyond the discussion of medical or dental missionary work as it traditionally exists.

For so long, the focus has been on the “why” [eg. the right arm of the gospel] and “what” [eg. pray with your patients] of being a healthcare professional – particularly in student years. Here, spirituality may be fostered and more prescribed, and we can therefore neglect to develop the skills we would need to sustain this spiritual revival in years to come as residency, family life, and other demands inevitably draw us all in different directions.

What happens however, when God calls us to experiences in secular centers of excellence that challenge our spirituality?  How do we remain faithful to our calling and engaged in ministry when we enter a sphere of ministry as a doctor or dentist where there are no ‘templates’ to replicate?

This track is a call to not necessarily have prescribed answers, but to explore how we glorify God in our roles as healthcare professionals, ministry leaders, global citizens and disciples of Christ.

Components of this two-day fast track include:

  •       Critical Decision:  Making Masterclasses – professionals in medicine, dentistry, academia, and public policy discussing personal, professional and ministry challenges during medical school/ training and beyond through their systematic study of the Word, professional and personal experience
  •       Building your “Professional Toolbox” – interactive workshops on the role of emotional intelligence and leadership development in healthcare
  •       Collective innovation –  What does evangelism look like to you, given the current demands of your professional life? How can we help each other evaluate the merit of these ideas and outline practical steps to achieving these goals?

Our prayer is that you leave the conference with a renewed passion for ministry and through this experience you will be inspired to follow God’ Call to Service serving Him daily wherever He leads you.