2021 AMEN In-Person and Virtual Conference
October 28 – 31, 2021
Theme:  While It Is Day

CME 2020 Questions
up to 6 - each plenary and/or seminar counts as 1 hour
1. As a result of this CME course, are you committed to a renewed personal relationship with Christ and a desire to daily strive to reflect Christ’s character in your personal and professional interactions? *
2. As a result of this CME course, do you have a clearer picture of how being a Christian healthcare provider changes how we treat patients and the eternal impact we can have on them? Are you committed to pursue more effective ways to be intentional about consistently implementing whole person care and offering to pray with your patients? *
3. As a result of this CME course, do you better understand Christ’s perspective on disease and wellbeing? And, as a result, do you plan to improve the whole person care you provide by incorporating the Adventist health message and using it as the entering wedge to share the Gospel more often? *